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A person who chose or chooses to participate in the Circle of Prayer does so on a voluntary basis, he/she travels and comes onto the premises, in the Interfaith Spiritual Church in North Hatley. He/she accepts to offer their channel and their time to bring necessary support to the energy.

The meetings are held one time per week, on Monday night at 8:00 p.m.

The goal

Offer oneself as an instrument or channel to allow the universal energy to anchor itself and circulate through the participants present, and then be directed towards the persons that asked for aid and support. (Photo, prayer intention)

The Circle of Prayer is open to all people who would like to help and support the energy in all simplicity.

Request for help with photo or prayer intention.

Please note there is a homily for those who desire to receive aid from a distance. You can send your photo (by e-mail or by mail) with your name and age as well as your personal requests to the Beings of Light.

Suggestion to persons not present:
We invite the persons who so desire, but cannot be present, to gather and meditate at the same time as the activity occurs at the Interfaith Spiritual Church. We ask you to internalize yourself from 20:30 p.m. to 21:15 p.m., in order to participate in this spiritual reunion from a distance.

In a spirit of aid and fraternity to humanity.



The reconstruction of mankind is in effect the reconstruction of the world. It is only when mankind becomes better that the world is better. It is only when the individual becomes good that the society can be happy. Advancing by the exterior as in politics, economics and social spheres is not enough. The mental interior of mankind must be reformed. This cannot be done by food alone. Mankind can only attain plenitude when the three lines of progress: material, intellectual and spiritual are pursued with seriousness.

The human values, Truth, just Action, Peace, Love and Non-violence are destined to overcome today’s frantic materialism, because they can harmonize the age-old and the spiritual, in a sample way to life. It can bring mankind and God together in a closer manner. This is based on the Divine, which is the Reality of Oneself. Thus, it is not limited to one country, to one individual, to one period or to one particular movement. This teaching is universal and for the good of all humanity.

The human values are actually universal, accepted by all the religions of the world. Of Love, we can say the following: Love arises in a spirit solidly anchored in the spirit. The foundation of the mental interior is God. Truth and Worship are powers that come from God. Love is the manifestation of the truth, it is its cosmic, total and constant form. Love is the expression of the Divine splendour. Love is a sacred manifestation that the Scriptures express in these terms: without attributes, without artifice, eternal, ultimate refuge, permanent, pure, conscious, free and sacred manifestation.

The brilliance of Love is described by these nine terms. This love does not know hatred, does not reject anyone and unifies all things. The world can only achieve unity through Love. Love gives the vision of One, of God.

The Spiritual Talks are established in order for Man to take consciousness of his unity with his brothers and sisters and also his unity with all living beings. This is the only way that peace can return on our beloved earth.

Subjects on various themes will be presented, always as objective the interior transformation of the being. They can be drawn from the teachings of all religions, beliefs, faith and philosophies. Since our goal is universal, we do not limit ourselves in this choice.

Our greatest wish is for Man to become a being that is fully Human, meaning without feeble qualities, faults or negative behaviour and one day a Divine being, a being who has transcended all the attachments and desires of this world.

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