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Chapel history

It is in 1895 that this establishment on Main Street in North Hatley was born. Prior to its Church vocation, it was originally built to be the first school of the village. After a while, it was used as a trading post for the Indians and the colonists. In 1908 it became the property of the Baptist church congregation. Finally in 1993, it officially became the United Church of North Hatley. The Year 2010 marks a very important year for this centennial building, as it became the first Interfaith Spiritual Church in the province of Quebec.


How should we define the Interfaith Spiritual Church? First of all, we need to describe each part, followed by its entirety.


The dictionary describes the word « church » as a community of people united by a same faith. Building consecrated to a Divine culte. The word Church, although related to Christianity, is also a synonym for the word temple, synagogue, mosque, mandir, and sanctuary, to name just those. We must above all consider the word Church as a place of gathering for people who have in common their spiritual progression, without ties to a particular religion.


The word spiritual. Spirituality has always been linked to religion. But we must differentiate it from the religion that is a group of beliefs and dogmas to that of a group of particular individuals. Spirituality goes beyond all religions and is perceived in a different manner depending on where we are in the world.
The spirituality known by the Occidental world is the « relation with others » such as: Love thy neighbour as thyself.Forgive if you want to be forgiven.
Do onto others as you want others to do unto you.Spread love around you.Help others.
And all the « do this and don’t do that ».As well as prayer and meditation.

For the Orient, spirituality is the relationship with oneself, with others, and with God, the Supreme Being, the Creator, the Nature, the Universe.
Above all, it is to rid ourselves of our feeble qualities and our faults. It is the search for the union with God and the total Creation.
God is within us and in every being. We are all One in the Universe. Nothing is separated from God.

In both cases, spirituality is to find interior peace, the elevation of the individual conscience, and the realization of oneself, in other words – the union with God. This is the goal we give ourselves as Spiritual Church.


Interfaith Churches started in the United States in the forties. People had the need to gather together, even though they were from different religions. But this unity of religion goes back thousands of years, even before the creation of the monotheistic religion 3500 years ago, which afterwards divided into several religions, based on a human figure.

The first religion in the world was the Sanathana Dharma, the Universal and Eternal Religion which originated in India, since the dawn of time. Nobody can say when it really started; it seems that it has always been there to guide people towards the Divine. The Sanathana Dharma is the religion that gave birth to all the beliefs and religions that exist on Earth. It is the essence of the faith of all religions put together. It is the basis of life that teaches to man the Truth, the just Action, Peace, Worship and Non-Violence.

It teaches to Man that he is God. We can say that it is the vital air with which humanity lives. This essence of the faith of all religions and the unity of all beliefs is found in what we call Interfaith.


The Interfaith Spiritual Church Quebec, Canada was created on August 18, 2009, by the Reverend Jean-François Labrie, with the explicit consent of the international authorities.

In July 2010, the Interfaith Spiritual Church Quebec, Canada acquired the United Church located at 5 Main St. in North Hatley, Quebec. All the Church’s activities are held at this location. We welcome all those who would like to join us.

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