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Name Attribution

The name attribution symbolically represents the awakening of man to his interior powers and the discovery that wisdom, intelligence and infinite love are already in him. Once we discover the creative power of our mind, once we understand that our thoughts, our feelings, and our actions create our destiny in accordance with our life plan, we come out of mortal understanding and sculpt our destiny ourselves. The ritual of the name attribution is the recognition of the one and unique infinite power, the very life that is present in each of us.

During the ceremony, we assert the divine potential of the child. All through his life, he will learn to actualize the Love and Perfection in face of the world – those who participate in this ceremony commit themselves to help the child that grows in actualizing his freedom. In sharing with him their greatest qualities, they will help him take his life in his own hands and progress in an ever-changing world.

Marriage Ceremony

« For this cause will a man go away from his father and his mother and be joined to his wife; and they will be one flesh » Genesis 2.24

Marriage symbolizes the union of two souls, and this union must not diminish, but rather enhance the individuality of each member of this union. Marriage is an occasion to discover one another in mutual respect. It allows us to grow and to let grow, all while respecting each other. The understanding of each other lasts our lifetime. This marvellous understanding creates a love so big that we want to understand as much as possible what the other feels.

Marriage is an occasion to share life’s highs and lows. Joy does not come without sorrow, and vice versa. It is in hardship that we grow and have chosen to grow together. With honest dialogue and confidence in one another, we can get though everything that presents itself on our route.

Marriage is an occasion to grow in love.

Farewell Ceremony

We can accompany people in this passage of life. With the dearest, the Reverend will prepare a ceremony respecting the beliefs of the deceased person, family and friends all in the greatest respect. This gathering permits to pay homage to the dearly departed, to bear witness our feelings, to then let him/her pursue his/her progression in this other dimension where he/she will evolve from now on.

When the body becomes an instrument that is inadequate for the progression of the soul in this terrestrial dimension, the soul separates from the body. It is as if the soul leaves the clothes it was wearing and begins a new life experience to continue its personal and spiritual development.

Consultation and spiritual orientation

The human being needs to express its state of mind. It has the need to confide to another its sorrows, anguishes, feelings of remorse, fears, joys and life experiences.

At the Church, he can do this with complete peace of mind, in great confidentiality and compassion. We are all brothers and sisters on this earth and it is quite natural to be tuned into another, who is also a child of God, as we all are.

Our goal is to listen attentively to a person who has a need to express an emotional load that can be heavy to support alone. If need be, together we can find a satisfactory solution, without it becoming a therapy, since we do not engage in a therapeutic process of long duration.

The Reverend Denis Marcil has a diploma in Counselling and can accompany and listen to all persons stricken with a conscious problem.

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